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New York City, 2009

The year is 2009 and we have a huge kiosk right next to the Yankee Museum, as an official vendor of baseball cards and vintage memorabilia. We met many great Yankees and their families at this kiosk over the years. It was here that I found friendship with the wonderful, Linda Ruth Tosetti, the granddaughter of the great Babe Ruth, I even played on the field with Andy Petite, Joe Girardi, and other players after the games.

2009 was a big year, it’s the year we started at the stadium, the year the Yankees won the world series, it was a great honor to be there.


Flash forward a few years; I began thinking about the importance/high demand of popcorn and candy in baseball game culture. I realized that I wanted to be apart of it, to create something completely new and of importance, but what? Talk about the big ban on chewing tobacco that had come to the minor leagues and how it was inevitably coming to the big leagues was fluctuating through out the players. Someone had said to me “if you can find a replacement for chewing tobacco you would make a million dollars” and that was it the idea was there, make a candy replacement.


I searched for 3 years to find the ultimate licorice and someone that would really get behind the concept and it was Philip Cook and the Kookaburra Licorice company originating from Australia.
Australia is long known as the best place for Licorice in the world loved the concept and custom made me the most delicious Licorice in the market today comes in Black and Red Raspberry.

But the big difference is it’s soft and pliable and can mold in the mouth like chew and dip tobacco and is a perfect replacement for them so players have a great replacement and at the same time an amazing candy.

After receiving exclusive licensing and approval from the players as well as the Ruth family, combined with my contacts in the sports world along with the Kookaburras contacts in the candy world, Long Ball Licorice was born.